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Are you looking to bring life back to your old kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanity or built in bookcases? Or maybe you just wanted to enhance the look of your kitchen without having to install a full set of cabinets. If so, a highly qualified local cabinet painter is the contractor for the job.

We do the work you don’t want to!

We'll revitalize your kitchen cabinets, restain faded cabinets, repaint solid wood cabinets and polish the veneer of your traditional or modern cabinetry. Our work leaves a factory-like finish that looks brand new.

Our most requested service is kitchen cabinet painting, but we can also repaint bathroom vanities, bookshelves, pantries, and even highly ornate china cabinets. If you are looking for a trusted cabinet painting company, look no further. From contemporary to traditional, our painters are highly skilled guaranteeing top of the line workmanship.

Custom Cabinet Painting Services

painting kitchen cabinets

Kitchen Cabinet Painters

Kitchen cabinets serve as a storage place and an important element of the kitchen's overall design, so when the finish starts to look dated, it brings down the vibe of the whole room. Luckily, painting kitchen cabinets can be a quick yet affordable way to update the exterior appearance without renovating or remodeling it entirely.

Whether you want to revive old-fashioned looks with modern colors or give a new fresh touch to them for a more contemporary style in mind, painting has something that will suit everyone's taste.

bathroom cabinet painting

Bathroom Cabinet Painting

Bathroom vanities have become an important part of the bathroom space. It doesn't just serve as an additional storage space for you, but it also complements the overall design of your entire room.

With beautifully painted bathroom vanity cabinets in various colors such as white, blue, gray, green, or a finish with matte black, you can restore the style and sophistication in your bathroom design without the high cost of replacement.

cabinet door painting

Painting Cabinet Doors

Cabinet doors can get worn out from being opened and closed often. It gets smudges, scratches, and colors fade away with constant use over time. Since it's the most visible part of a cabinet, it can also make its overall look worn out.

Refinishing them brings back their vibrancy and gives an air of freshness without buying a whole new set. Not only do you save money, but painting them is also an easy way to update your cabinets' looks as well.

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Cabinet Materials We Paint and Refinish

painting wood cabinets

Restoring Wood Cabinets

There’s nothing more warm and welcoming in a room than a natural wooden cabinet. A beautiful natural wood kitchen cabinet or bathroom vanity is truly a crown jewel, but time can take its toll as its vibrancy can fade away with age and usage.

Refinishing natural wood cabinets is the one way to revive its glory. Painting is another way to update its look or bring a new style to your kitchen or bathroom.

Veneer Cabinet Refinishing

Veneer cabinets are known for their beautiful aesthetics. It has the warm appeal of natural wood at a much affordable price. But just like any cabinet, its colors can fade away with time.

If you're looking to revive your faded veneer cabinets, repainting them is a great option to consider. Not only does this save time and money from buying a whole new cabinet, but it also saves you time and effort for installing a new one.

painting veneer cabinets
laminate cabinet painting

Laminate Cabinet Refinishing

Laminate cabinets are one of the most popular types used in households today. They're extremely tough and look beautiful at affordable prices, making them an excellent addition to kitchens and baths.

If your laminate cabinets are starting to lose their shine or if you want to update their look, we can paint veneer cabinets too. Not only will it save money from buying a new cabinet, but it also saves you effort in disassembling and installing a new one. Painting peeling laminate cabinets is a highly involved process, so letting an experienced cabinet painting specialist handle this will spare you a lot of stress.

Repainting Painted Cabinets

While it’s a little trickier to tackle, we do occasionally take on the refinishing of already painted cabinets. Before painted cabinets can be painted again, the previous paint needs to be fully removed. If not, it will become prone to peeling. So whether or not we can take on a job of painted cabinetry, we need to see the cabinets first to make a decision.

repainting cabinets

Other Types of Cabinetry We Refinish

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bookshelf painting

Built-in Bookshelves

Refinishing built-in bookshelves is the best option if you are looking to enhance the impression that the bookshelves give off or if you want to revive their imposing glory.

If you are looking to enhance the impression that the bookshelves give off, or if you want to revive its imposing glory, refinishing built-in bookshelves is the best option.

kitchen island painting

Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands provide additional workspace and storage, helping keep things organized and neat while you cook in your kitchen. Not only that it offers the functionality that you need, but it also enhances your kitchen's vibe.

If you are looking to add a splash of style and color to your room, kitchen island repainting will do the job. Refinishing is an excellent choice if you want your island to look as good as new or even better.

pantry painting

Kitchen Pantries & Cupboards

Kitchen pantries are like the walk-in closets of your kitchen. It's where you store your supplies, keep things organized and within reach. Refinishing a kitchen pantry helps update its looks while also keeping it clean and safe for storage of items inside, such as food or other products.

Whether you want to give it a new look or simply do maintenance updates, refinishing your kitchen pantries can be an easy solution.

china cabinet makeovers

China Cabinets

China cabinets are not only a place to store your delicate tablewares. They are a treasure chest that is open for display, showcases collections and creates an impression of sophistication.

To enhance that luxurious vibe or rejuvenate a tired-looking cabinet, repainting it is the answer. China cabinet refinishing not only helps improve its appeal it also helps extend its life by preventing deterioration.

painted hutch


Hutch cabinets are a great way to add storage space while upgrading the visual appeal of your room. It creates depth that makes them aesthetically appealing and adds character to any interior design style.

But just like any cabinet, time can take its toll on it. If your hutch cabinets have seen better days, maybe it's time to refinish it and revive it not only in terms of functionality but for aesthetic purposes too.

We hired Chic Cabinet Painters for help with painting our formica cabinets that were badly outdated. They did a fantastic job on everything. They took the time to get all the grease and grime off (sorry, we cook a lot!). They did a lot of prep work and we were so glad to see this because we knew we were getting quality work done and not just a quick touch up. When they finished up, they guided us through dry times and how to keep the painted cabinets nice for a long time. In the end, I wouldn't hire anyone else in the area if I had to do this again!

Henry Nguyen

Wow, just wow. Our kitchen looks totally transformed. This crew did an amazing job taking our dated cabinets and modernizing them with a fresh white paint. Everything looks super smooth and polished. We are very happy!

Perry V. Lewis

When I was hunting for kitchen cabinet painters, I was surprised at how few answered the phone or returned calls quickly. That's one of many reasons I went with Chic Cabinet Painters. They were prompt to get back to me and come out for an estimate quickly. Then, when they came to get our kitchen cabinets repainted, they were very respectful of our house. They did a very meticulous job covering anything in our kitchen that wasn't getting painted and even included all this prep work in our timeline so there were no surprises. The workmanship was top of the line too. They used professional sprayers so everything came out nice and sleek, just like it looks when you buy new. We couldn't be happier with the end result and want to give our thanks and compliments to the whole crew!

Farnadaz Frank

Cabinet Color Inspiration

green painted cabinets
black painted cabinets
painting cabinets blue


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Matte Black

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The ivory category of shades are not your Grandmother’s eggshell. Think modern alabaster or white sand beaches, not yellowing lace. Today’s cooler tones of ivory blend well with grays and blues, in addition to greens and purples.

kitchen cabinet painters
cabinet painting company
professional cabinet painters

Cabinet Refinishing Process

One way to breathe new life into your kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanity is a paint job that will make the cabinetry shine. Another option would be to add some color and style by applying stain or varnish in an adventurous combination of colors that would make your cabinetry a centerpiece you and your guests would truly enjoy. Whatever your purpose is, our expert cabinet painters are trained, experienced, and well equipped with the necessary tools to provide the best quality service.

To give you an idea of how cabinet refinishing and repainting works, here are the five steps that we do to deliver the best cabinet restoration you’ll ever have.

  • Disassembly - In order to ensure a cabinet is fully serviced, we start by removing it from its mounting and taking apart the doors, walls, sides, and backing. We remove hardware such as hinges, door handles, or other moving parts.

  • Prepping and Sanding - The best canvas to work on is a clean one. To make sure that paints, stains, veneers or laminate will stick to the surface of your cabinet, we make sure that it is properly prepared and sand, if needed. First, we wipe away any smudges, dirt and oil with a rag, then use fine-grit sandpaper before priming the surface so paint/stain can be applied evenly over the top.

  • Paint/stain application - The most important part of cabinet restoration is applying the preferred color and stain. This can be done by simple application or adding swirls to mimic natural wood grains for a more aesthetically pleasing finish.

  • Drying and Curing - Drying time depends on the process, but typically it takes 2-3 days for paints, stains and veneer to stick securely. For laminate surfaces, drying can take even up to a week.

  • Reassembly - Once the paint has been applied to a surface, dried and cured. The last step in finishing your cabinet restoration project is putting everything back together again so that its glory can shine brightly throughout any room you choose.

Frequently Asked Questions About Painted Cabinets

Can Laminate or Veneer Cabinets be Painted?

Paint can be a quick way to refurbish old laminate or veneer cabinets. Professional cabinet painters are highly recommended for the job since they have experience and proper equipment on hand like sanders, paintbrushes, and protective gear. When done correctly, this finish should last for years, giving you high value in return. The process involves various steps such as:

  • Sanding the surface of your cabinets
  • Properly applying wood paints
  • Drying
  • Reassembly
  • Sealing

Cabinet Care: How Do You Maintain Painted Cabinets?

Basic Cleaning

You can keep your cabinets clean by wiping them down with a soft, damp cloth. You don't want to wet the cloth too much, but make sure it's moist enough to remove dirt and grime without leaving smudges that cause stains. Dry off any excess water, so no damage is done from moisture left behind on wood surfaces or their paint job.

Things to Avoid

To prevent surface damage to a cabinet and prolong its life, it would be best to avoid the following things putting on or using it on the cabinet surfaces:

  • Abrasive materials - steel wool, brushes, sandpaper and any abrasive materials.
  • Corrosive and harsh liquids - Detergents, bleach, ammonia, paint thinners, and alcohol.
  • High Alkaline products - Baking soda, lye and other cleaning materials

What to Look for in a Cabinet Painter Near Me?

To extend the life of a cabinet, it is best to keep it in tiptop shape. Regular cleaning and maintenance also make sure that it is in good condition. However, in the event that paint color is starting to fade away, veneer is starting to erode, and laminate is already chipping off, calling for an expert cabinet painter would be an obvious solution.

We believe that these are some of the top qualities to expect in a cabinet painter:

  • Reliability: Nothing is more frustrating during a home improvement project than when your contractor doesn’t show up on time. We believe in following through on schedules and being punctual.
  • Honesty: Transparency throughout the entire updating process is critical for everyone to be on the same page. That’s why we are upfront about what to expect, realistic pricing and potential challenges we’ll have to overcome during the job.
  • Workmanship: It goes without saying that if the end result should be a source of pride, not disappointment. Which is why we work tirelessly to produce a factory-like finish with our cabinet painting. We want you to love your cabinets again!

Difference Between Cabinet Painting, Restaining, and Refinishing

cabinet painting contractor

Cabinet Painting

Cabinet painting is the application of high-quality and scratch-resistant paint on top of the primed surface of a cabinet. The finished product causes it to appear more polished, modern, bolder in color or lighter depending upon preference.

Cabinet Restaining

The process of restaining involves applying tinted varnish or gel stain directly onto the wood surface. The primary purpose is to enhance the natural grains on the surface of the cabinet without completely covering them up, as paint would do.

Cabinet Refinishing

Cabinet refinishing is a process in which one gives an old cabinet a new finish. This can be done by applying paint, or it may involve adding wood veneers or laminates to give the piece of furniture a completely different look than before.

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