Laminate Cabinet Painting

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Why replace cabinets that are in pristine condition, when you can just have them professionally painted. Painting your laminate cabinets is a home improvement project that can update your kitchen within a week without a major renovation or a contractor bill.

Hiring our professional cabinet painters to paint your laminate cabinets will ensure your cabinets will last without any flaws. We have the team, professional resources, and the expertise to paint your laminate cabinets the right way, the first time.

Painting Laminate Kitchen Cabinets

Bring a more modern appearance into your kitchen with professional cabinet-painted kitchen cabinets. Whether you're seeking to do your upper and lower two different colors, have an accent color for your kitchen island, paint the cabinet doors, or maybe a complete overhaul, our team is ready for your kitchen makeover.

Painting Bathroom Vanity Laminate

If your laminate bathroom vanity has seen better days, then inquire about painting your bathroom vanity. We can restore the color currently occupying the vanity or change the color completely with our professional painting services. Don’t leave your bathroom vanity feeling outdated, give it the modern look it deserves.

laminate cabinet painting
painting over laminate cabinets
painting melamine cabinets

Laminate Cabinet Makeover Services

Painting fake wood cabinets is possible with the right tools, expertise and first-hand experience.

laminate cabinet painting

Painting Formica Cabinets with Professional Painters

If you have Formica cabinets and replacing them is not in the budget, then our professional cabinet painters can transform your cabinet to a modern updated appearance with our Formica cabinets makeover service. Formica is a form of laminate that is not completely made of plastic. Having a professional painter who is well versed in this material will allow your cabinets to come out looking brand-new.

Peeling Laminate Cabinets

Peeling laminate cabinets can be discouraging when you do not have the budget to replace them. With our professional team of cabinet painters, we use our expertise to fix, clean, sand and paint those old peeling laminate cabinets. Although the process might take longer than a normal paint job, the end result will leave you thankful that you took a chance to revive them.

painting over laminate cabinets

Painting Over Laminate Cabinets

Customers choose laminate cabinets to last years and sustain the kitchen or bathroom abuse. No need to replace well-made cabinets because they lack the desired appearance. Enhance your decor style by painting your laminate cabinets with professional cabinet painters.

Painting Melamine Cabinets

Melamine cabinets are lower-grade laminate cabinets but do not mean they immediately need to be replaced. If they are in good condition or even have some imperfections, our team of painters can fix and paint them to bring them back to life.

painting melamine cabinets

Painting Laminated MDF Cabinets

Although MDF cabinets aren’t technically “laminate”, they are similar as a manufactured product rather than genuine hardwood. MDF, or Medium Density Fiberboard, blends wood fibers with resin in the manufacturing process. Like laminate cupboards, MDF cabinets can be painted as well.

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Laminate Cabinet Painter FAQs

What is Laminate?

When your kitchen cabinets are professionally painted, you not only hire people that are experts at their trade but also understand the process will be done with precision and accuracy. It is a step-by-step process that typically takes about four to five days to complete depending on the size of your kitchen. Here are some of the expectations when hiring professional kitchen cabinet painters.

High-Pressure Laminate

High-pressure laminate is multiple layers of plastic that are bonded at high heat and high pressure. The material is durable and known for its longevity. This type of laminate is best used in areas that are used often in the household, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Low-Pressure Laminate

Low-pressure laminate only uses a single layer of plastic that is bonded to the base and is considered to be less dependable. Low-pressure laminate or melamine is chosen in lower traffic areas of the household to preserve its lasting effects.

Durability and Budget-Friendly

refinish laminate cabinets


High-pressure laminate is extremely durable for cabinets in high-traffic areas. Homeowners choose the route of painting because the cabinets are still holding their longevity, but need an updated appearance.

Budget laminate cabinet makeover


Painting is an alternative that is cost-effective and can improve the aesthetics of your kitchen, bathroom, or any other area that has laminate cabinets. Depending on your budget, you may select to paint all the cabinets or maybe just cabinet doors, the options can be adjusted for your home improvement plan.

Color Schemes and Paint Base

Hiring a professional is ideal when selecting the color of your cabinets and paint bases. Professional cabinet painters know what oil-based paint should be used with different materials and brands of paint.

Gray Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Color Ideas

  • Light or Navy Blue
  • White
  • Gray
  • Emerald or Sage Green
  • Black
painting kitchen cabinet

Oil-Base Paint

Oil-based paint is commonly used on furniture, cabinets, and molding in an establishment. The oil helps it to adhere to the paint but leaves a smooth finish that won’t wipe off with common cleaning products.

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