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Your kitchen is often the gathering space for friends and family. People have an open concept kitchen and living room for this reason alone. While entertaining your guests, make sure that your kitchen is a conversational piece and not an eyesore.

Our experienced team of cabinet painters tackles any project from small to big to revitalize kitchens that look dreary, dated, and even had a paint job gone wrong. Our knowledgeable staff takes the necessary steps to get the smooth look of painted cabinets while withstanding durability.

Reasons to Hire Professional Kitchen Painters

As a homeowner, getting kitchen cabinets painted is a huge task to take on by yourself. Without sufficient knowledge and skill, it can quickly become a project to regret. By hiring local kitchen cabinet painters, you’re helping the economy in your neighborhood, creating local friendships, and relieving the stress of doing it yourself. Reasons may differ for each person, but these are some of the common requests we get.

painting kitchen cabinets

Repainting Peeling Kitchen Cabinets

If your previous painted kitchen cabinets are peeling because they were not done correctly, we are experts at correcting those paint regrets. A professional paint stripper will be needed and sanding to remove the existing paint. This process is a little more time-consuming but is needed to acquire the desired results.

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Painting New Kitchen Cabinets Two-Toned

We love the look of two-toned kitchens. It brings a sense of character to the kitchen and allows for two of your favorite colors to be incorporated. Whether you want to go dark on top and light on the bottom or light on top and dark on the bottom, we can help with the color selections.

repainting kitchen cabinets

A Kitchen Island Accent Color

Nothing stops the show like a kitchen island that serves as an accent color. It’s a great way to add color into the kitchen without the big commitment of painting all your kitchen cabinets a color. With a kitchen island painted, it gives the illusion of separation in your kitchen without actually being in a separate space.

refinishing wood cabinets with paint

Refinishing Wood Cabinets with Paint

Over the 1980’s wood cabinets or maybe you cannot afford a complete set of new kitchen cabinets, we can fix that. A reasonably priced solution is to paint those wooden cabinets to create an updated look without breaking the bank.

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painting wooden kitchen cabinets
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Cabinet Painting Services for a Custom Appearance

Painting Over Stained Cabinets

When having stained cabinets, people are hesitant to tackle the project of painting their cabinets. Hand it over to the professionals as we can discuss options for painting your stained cabinets. Depending on the stain, we can either remove the stain by stripping the cabinets or simply degreasing it with a professional solution and sanding it over them. Let’s discuss the options and get started on painting your cabinets.

painting wooden kitchen cabinets

Painting Wooden Kitchen Cabinets That are Unfinished

Homeowners occasionally purchase unfinished oak or birch cabinets with the intention of getting a professional to paint them. It’s a cost-effective solution without paying for custom cabinetry. The process of painting unfinished wood cabinets is easier because it hasn’t been previously painted or stained. If you have unfinished cabinets that are eagerly waiting for a splash of color, then consult our professional kitchen cabinet painters.

Painting Veneer Kitchen Cabinets

Painting Over Veneer Kitchen Cabinets

Veneer cabinets give a wood look at a price point enticing for customers. If you yearn for an updated sleek modern kitchen with colors or your veneer cabinets have peeled or chipped, we are the experts to call. Although it may take additional time, we can repair the chipping cabinets before we start the painting process.

professionally painted kitchen cabinets

Kitchen Laminate Cabinets Painted

Laminate cabinets are known for their longevity while being affordable for homeowners. It’s no surprise that homeowners want to keep their durable cabinets but desire an updated modern look. By hiring us as your local professional cabinet painters, we’ll bring a new look to your freshly painted cabinets.

professionally painted kitchen cabinets

Repainting Kitchen Cabinets

More times than not, our services are requested to repaint kitchen cabinets that have been done by previous owners; imperfections were not seen during the sale or maybe they held up for a while before showing the wear and tear. Since we do not know the paint base or brand, there are some extra steps to take in the process of removing the paint. Put your trust in the professionals and let us repaint your kitchen cabinets the right way.

Color Inspiration for Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Making color selections can seem overwhelming at first, but it doesn’t have to be. These popular choices are some of the customer’s favorites and are currently trending.

gray painted kitchen cabinets

Gray Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Gray is a color selection that can be neutral and be complemented with other color choices. It offers a warm, bright feel in your kitchen and can lean towards blue tones or darker grays. Whichever shade of gray is selected, it’s easily matched with various design styles and decor choices.

painting a cabinet white

Painting a Cabinet White

A classic bright white or even an off-white is complementary to any design choice and offers versatility. Painting your cabinets white allows for your design choices to change in the future without having to change the color of your cabinets.

Repainting Kitchen Cabinets With Blue

Repainting Kitchen Cabinets With Blue

If your house decor leans towards a coastal design then a light blue might be the right selection. Giving off ocean vibes, your cabinets will ensure to bring calmness throughout the kitchen. Maybe you're seeking a deeper blue, pair wood tones with navy blue cabinets for a more rustic look.

repainting kitchen cabinets green

Painting New Kitchen Cabinets Green

With green being the up-and-coming neutral color, it can complement just about any design style. Whether it’s a sage green for a lighter appearance or a dark forest green to make a statement, you cannot go wrong with green kitchen cabinets.

black kitchen cabinet painting

Painting Over Painted Cabinets With Black

If you are seeking a sleek color to complement your modern minimalist or farmhouse design, then matte black is the color. Paired with gold hardware and lighter accents, it’s bound to be a show stopper.

The Process of Professional Kitchen Painters

When your kitchen cabinets are professionally painted, you not only hire people that are experts at their trade but also understand the process will be done with precision and accuracy. It is a step-by-step process that typically takes about four to five days to complete depending on the size of your kitchen. Here are some of the expectations when hiring professional kitchen cabinet painters.

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professionally painted kitchen cabinets
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1. Dissembling Your Kitchen Cabinets

Before the painting process begins, it is essential to disassemble and label all the cabinets, drawer fronts, hinges, and cabinet handles. It ensures that all the cabinets will be reassembled in the correct spot and paint remains only on the cabinets.

2. Cleaning and Degreasing

Cleaning and degreasing are critical steps in the process that cannot be overlooked. It sets up the cabinet doors for painting and ensures when the paint is applied it will come out smooth, have no bubbles, and look flawless.

3. Sanding

People who paint their own kitchen cabinets want to avoid this step because of the mess, but sanding in between priming and coats of paints guarantees the paint will adhere and remain smooth.

4. Priming Kitchen Cabinets

Using a high-quality primer that coincides with the type of paint the professionals use is a must. It not only applies a base coat but helps the main paint color thrive and achieve the desired look.

5. Painting With High-Quality Tools

With professional tools, kitchen cabinet painters can make your cabinets look perfect. From using a paint spray gun for the inside of a kitchen cabinet to an angled brush for the corners of the cabinet fronts, the mixed techniques will keep the durability of your kitchen cabinets for years to come.

6. Reassembling Your Kitchen Cabinets

Once your cabinets have been painted and cured, it’s time to reassemble your kitchen cabinets. From reattaching the cabinet and drawer fronts to the hardware, your cabinets will show a new custom kitchen that you will love.

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