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Are you looking to bring liveliness back to your tired kitchen cupboards, toilet counter or built in bookshelves? Or maybe you just wanted to enhance the mood of your kitchen without having to install a whole series of cabinets. If so, a highly qualified local cabinet painter is the specialist for the project.

Our team will do the work you don’t want to! Our local installers will reinvigorate your kitchen closets, we’ll repaint dull cabinets, restore solid wood cabinets and brighten the coat of your classic or contemporary cabinetry. Our work generates a factory-like coat that looks brand new.

Our most popular service is kitchen cabinet painting, but we can also re-coat bathroom counters, bookshelf, pantries, and even highly ornate china cabinets. If you are looking for a trusty cabinet painting contractor, look no further. From contemporary to old school, our workers are highly adept committed to the best work.

Professional Cabinet Painting Services in Riverview

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Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Kitchen cabinets work as a storage place and has an important role in the kitchen's overall composition, so when the paint starts to look dated, it decreases the atmosphere of the whole space. Fortunately, refinishing kitchen cabinets can be a speedy yet economic way to upgrade the external surface without rebuilding or refurnishing it completely.

Whether you want to rejuvenate its classic look with minimalist colors or give a new fresh touch to the cabinets for a more recent style in mind, painting has something that will benefit everyone's requirements.

bathroom cabinet painting Riverview FL

Bathroom Vanity Painting

Bathroom counters are an important component of the bathroom area. It isn’t just an additional storage cubby for you, but it also complements the final design of your entire bathroom.

With professionally painted bathroom vanity cabinets in diverse colors like white, blue, gray, green, or a finish with matte black, you can restore the flair and grandeur in your bathroom layout without the price tag of a makeover.

cabinet door painting Riverview FL

Painting Cabinet Doors

Cabinet doors can get shabby from being opened and closed often. It gets smears, scratches, and colors fade away with daily use over time. Since they are the most noticeable part of a cabinet, it can also make the whole look dilapidated.

Repainting the surface brings back their good looks and gives an air of new life without purchasing a brand new set. Not only do you save money, but recoating them is also an fast way to upgrade your cabinets' looks too.

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Cabinet Products We Paint

painting wood cabinets Riverview FL

Restoring Wood Cabinets

There’s nothing more warm and welcoming in a room than a natural wood cabinet. An elegant natural wooden kitchen cabinet or bathroom countertop is truly a crown jewel, but age can affect it negatively as its good looks can dim with age and usage.

Re-coating natural wood cabinets one of the best ways to revive its old glory. Giving it a fresh coat of paint is an easy method of upgrading its look or to give a current theme to your kitchen or bathroom.

Veneer Cabinet Refinishing

Veneer cabinets are known for their delicate appeal|. It has the warm polish of natural wood at a more affordable price. But just like any woodwork, its colors can dim with age.

If you're looking to rejuvenate your faded veneer cabinets, repainting them is an affordable choice you can consider. Not only more practical than investing in a brand new cabinets, but it also spares you the effort of constructing a new one.

painting veneer cabinets Riverview FL
laminate cabinet painting Riverview FL

Laminate Cabinet Refinishing

Laminate cabinets are one of the most popular types used in households nowadays. They're very heavy duty and look chic with affordable prices, making them a reasonable component to kitchens and baths.

If your laminate cabinets are starting to look discolored or if you want to improve their look, we can repaint veneer cabinets too. Not only will it be more affordable than buying a brand new cabinets, but it also saves you effort in dismantling and installing a new one. Painting peeling laminate cabinets is a time consuming work, so letting a pro cabinet painting specialist handle this will keep you from being stressed.

Repainting Painted Cabinets

While it’s a little bit trickier to handle, we do occasionally take on the re-coating of deteriorating painted cabinets. Before painted cabinets can be repainted anew, the previous paint have to be fully scraped off. If not, the new finish will become prone to peeling. So before we can decide to take on the task of painted woodwork, we need to see the cabinets beforehand to offer a solution.

repainting cabinets Riverview FL

Other Cabinet Styles We Restore

bookshelf painting Riverview FL

Built-in Bookshelf Painting

Repainting built-in bookshelves is a good choice if you are looking to improve the beauty that the bookcase give off or if you want to boost their previous newness.

If you are looking to rejuvenate the beauty that the bookshelves give off, or if you want to revive its former looks, repainting built-in bookshelves is the best choice.

kitchen island painting Riverview FL

Kitchen Island Painting

Kitchen islands gives you more workspace and storage area, helping keep things arranged and immaculate while you do chores in your kitchen. Not only that it delivers the functionality that you need, but it also boosts your kitchen's ambiance.

If you are looking to add a dash of sophistication and color to your room, kitchen island finish will get the job done. Repainting is a good alternative if you want your countertops to look beautiful again or even better.

pantry painting Riverview FL

Butler Pantry Painting

Kitchen pantries are the walk-in closet of your kitchen. It's where you store your supplies, keep things neat and within arm’s reach. Repainting a kitchen pantry helps update its former beauty while also keeping it clean and secure for the housing of groceries inside, such as food or other goods.

Whether you want to give it a new look or just do maintenance refurbishment, refinishing your kitchen pantries can be an economical solution.

china cabinet makeovers Riverview FL

Dining Room Cabinet Painting

China cabinets are not only a place to store your elegant dinner plates. They are a storage chest that is used for presenting, showing collectors’ items and creates an impression of sophistication.

To enhance that fancy atmosphere or revive a weary cabinet, repainting it is the quick fix. China cabinet refinishing not only helps improve its appeal it also helps expand its life by preventing decline.

Hutch Painting

Hutch cabinets are a great way to have more storage space while modernizing the attractiveness of your space. It creates look that makes them aesthetically appealing and adds personality to any interior design style.

But just like any cabinet, daily use can take its toll on it. If your hutch cabinets look old, perhaps it's time to refinish it and restore it not only in terms of functionality but for aesthetic purposes also.

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